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2024 Generation adidas Cup Preview

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March 2024
The Generation adidas Cup is one of the largest and most competitive youth club soccer tournaments in North America. It is a U15 and U17 tournament where each MLS academy competes along with 10 elite international academies within each age group. Between both age groups, 14 different countries are represented from four different continents. This 15th edition will be hosted at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., from March 30 to April 7.
The last two tournaments have been won by United States based MLS academies for both the U15 and U17 age groups. In 2022, Portland Timbers won the U15 division and Seattle Sounders won the U17 division. In 2023, Austin FC won the U15 division and Philadelphia Union won the U17 division. 

Within the U15 division, the international academies include: FC Nordsjælland (Denmark), Sporting CP (Portugal), Valencia CF (Spain), Club Necaxa (Mexico), Toulouse FC (France), Manchester United (England), Arsenal FC (England), Brøndby IF (Denmark), CF Monterrey (Mexico) and KRC Genk (Belgium).

Within the U17 division, the international academies include: Atlas FC (Mexico), Atlético Nacional (Colombia), PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands), Clube de Regatas do Flamengo (Brazil), AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands), Club Atlético River Plate (Argentina), Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors (Japan), HNK Hajduk Split (Croatia), Club Necaxa (Mexico) and CF Monterrey (Mexico).

Apple TV has announced that they will broadcast 28 matches between the group stage and knockout rounds as part of the MLS Season Pass package. 
2023 Philadelphia Union U17 team that won the 2023 GA Cup

Players to Watch From the Broadcasted Games

As of right now, we only know what teams will be broadcasted during the group stage. There are 12 group stage games that will be broadcasted on Apple TV from March 30 - April 1. These are the players to keep an eye on for each United States based MLS academy that will have a match broadcasted during the group stage:

Atlanta United U15s

Atlanta United has one of the youngest U15 teams in the country and they play as many 2010 born players than any club in the country. The U15 division is primarily made up of 2009 born players. They also may feature one of the top 2011s in the country and one of the only 2011s getting regular minutes at the U15 level in Santiago Suarez. This team likely won’t go deep in the tournament because of their youth, but they’ll be fun to watch and should be a force to reckon with next year.

GK, James Donaldson (2009), RB, Tristan Lee (2009), RB/W, Amir Henry (2009), RB/W, Seyi Fakiyesi (2010), CB, Dulani Rennie (2010), CB, Joshua Brown (2010), CM, David Ilevbare (2010), W, Fred Bond (2010), AM, Miles Bryant (2010), AM, Santiago Suarez (2011), CF, Kevin Madrano (2009)

New York Red Bulls U15s

RBNY might be the favorite to win the U15 division because of their  unmatched depth at this age group. Depth becomes critical in a tournament where you are playing multiple days in a row. RBNY have the ability to rotate players and not have their quality drop, which is pretty unheard of at this level. Their strengths are in their backline, goalkeeping and midfield. The only thing that could stop this team is they struggle to score goals and losing  in a low scoring match.

GK, Toby Szewcyk (2009, might be injured), RB/CB, Alex Gomez (2009), FB/CB, Nicholas Morello (2009), CB, Caleb Simmons (2009), CB Astin Mbaye (2009), CB, Josh Munson (2009), DM, Devin Cardigan (2009), AM, Paul Sokoloff (2009), AM, Josh Jimenez (2010), AM, Jonathan Condor (2010), W, TimMcFarland (2009), W, Ryan Choi (2009), W, Desmond Chemweno (2009)

Orlando City U15s

Orlando City is a middle of the table team within MLS Next. They lack consistent quality across each position and lack some  depth, but there are some exciting players to keep an eye on. 

LB, Lucas Quinones (2008, late birth date, bio banded), CB, David Geraldo (2009), CB/DM, Caleb Trombino (2009), DM, Ethan Graham (2009), W, Mattew Belgodere (2009), W, Jakob Garcia (2009), CF, Zach Olah (2009)

Portland Timbers U15s

The Timbers won this division two years ago in what was a massive surprise. They might not be the most talented team, but they have been in great form in 2024, losing only one match to San Jose Earthquakes. They have beaten high quality opponents in LA Galaxy, LAFC and Real Salt Lake. This is a team that could surprise again and make a deep run. 

GK, Josue Chavez (2009), CB, August Nystrom (2009), CB, Aric Mata (2010), DM, Rodrigo Paz (2009), AM, “Javi” Francisco Sillas (2009), CF, Elias Douratsos Walker (2009)

Austin FC U15s

Austin’s U15 team is one of the weaker teams in the age group — I would not expect a repeat champion in 2024. Daniel Wright is the most intriguing prospect on their squad. Unlike the typical Austin FC player, which usually focuses on technical ability and tactical awareness, he has an elite physical profile.

GK, Thomas Burchfield (2009), RB, Daniel Wright (2009), LB, Xavier Brown (2010), CB/DM, Christian Ayala (2009), W, Isaiah Tatum (2009)

FC Dallas U15s

Dallas is another middle of the pack team that boasts some intriguing talent at various positions. They’ve struggled throughout the course of the season when faced with top competition and I would expect that to continue in this tournament.

RB, Luke Martey (2009), CB, Ahmad Odom (2009), AM, Christopher Cook (2009), W, Jordyn Eason (2009), W, Austin Chukwu (2009)

Philadelphia Union U17s

The Philly U17s won last year’s tournament and the U15s, of which many of this year’s team will feature, were the runner ups. What does that mean? It means you are looking at the most likely MLS academy from the U17 age group to win the tournament. A lot can happen in a tournament and in most cases the best team does not win, but this is a very strong group that has been battle tested and will be tough to beat. They are led by Cavan Sullivan, the U15 eligible and future Manchester City man that everyone is talking about. 

GK, Alex Smith (2008), LB, Jordan Griffin (2008), LB, Gavin DeHart (2008), CB, Neil Pierre (2007), CB, Andrew Craig (2007), DM, Peter Doran (2008), CM, Andrei Chirila (2008), CM, Henry Bornstein (2007), AM, Cavan Sullivan (2009), AM, Kellan Leblanc (2008), W, Diego Rocio (2007), W, Jamir Johnson (2008), W, Nehan Hasan (2008), CF, Anisse Saidi (2008), CF, Peyton Presson (2008, likely out injured)

Seattle Sounders U17s

The Sounders won’t be one of the favorites to win the tournament, but they have some very good players that are worth tuning in for. Sandnes is highly rated within the organization and looks to be on a homegrown path. Omar Hassan, one of the top players from the 2009 age group will likely play up with the U17s.

RB, Etienne Veillard (2007), CB, Gallatin Sandnes (2008), CM, Synder Brunell (2007), AM, Kelvin Luis-Brito (2008), W, Abad Vargas (2008), W, Omar Hassan (2009)


LAFC is another top contender to win the U17 division. They have been very difficult to beat in league play and have a very strong roster, with talent at all phases of play. They have yet to make a deep run in one of these tournaments. Is this the year they breakthrough?

LB, Pedro Guimaraes (2008), LB, Emir Ponciano (2007), CB, Adrian Sanders (2008), DM, Decarlo Guerra (2008), DM/CM, Jude Terry (2008), CM, Liam Lambert (2008), AM, Mattias Wanchope (2007), W, Adriano Samayoa (2007), W, James Arteaga (2007), W/CF, Charlie Rosenthal (2007)

St. Louis City U17s

St. Louis has a solid squad from top to bottom, but they lack big time difference makers. Cornelius is the most electric attacker they have and McNeal is one of the most underrated players from the 2007 class, but I don’t think they have enough top talent to make a deep run in the tournament. 

LB, Emiliano Chavez (2008), CB, Jacksen McNeal (2007), DM, Carson Locker (2007), W, Lorenzo Cornelius (2008)

Houston Dynamo U17s

The Dynamo will be more interesting to watch than they have been in years passed. They have made a concerted effort to promote their top talent throughout the academy. I expect a couple of their top 2007s to not be with this group and I also expect their top 2009s to be promoted to the U17s for this tournament. That means they will be young and inexperienced, but should have some fun moments. 

CB, Daniel Barrett (2009), CB, Micah Harris (2008), CB, Isaac Mwakutuya (2007), DM, David Ndong Nguema (2007), AM, Jahmani Bell (2008), W, Fadel Kone (2007), W, Myles Gardner (2009), W, Mattheo Dimareli (2009), CF, David Garcia (2008)

Top MLS Teams in the Tournament

The last two GA Cup competitions have been won by United States based clubs. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we have the better teams, it’s just a numbers game — 26 of the 40 clubs competing are MLS clubs from the United States. These are the top four United States based teams from each age group that I believe have the best chance at winning the tournament. 

Philadelphia Union U17s

As mentioned above, they have talent, tournament experience and depth. They are going to be a tough out for anyone they face. 


LAFC are just behind Philadelphia in terms of talent, but they haven’t had the tournament success that other clubs have had.

FC Dallas U17s

Dallas was probably the most impressive U17 team at MLS Next fest in December. They play very well together and know how to win. They have goal scorers all over the pitch and talent at all three phases. 

Atlanta United U17s

Atlanta has the most talented 2007 class in all of MLS Next, but they struggle to grind out results. If they can put it all together they could be a very difficult team to beat. 

New York Red Bulls U15s

As I mentioned above, the depth that this team has is crazy and unheard of at the U15 level. That depth is going to be a huge benefit to them in this compact tournament. 

Chicago Fire U15s

The Chicago Fire U15 team plays as well together as any team in this age group. They have a true difference maker in 2010 Robert Turdean and the supporting talent to help them go far. 

San Jose Earthquakes U15s

The Earthquakes might have the most top end talent in this age group and if their top players catch fire, they could be tough to beat. San Jose will be without their talented goalkeeper, Marcelo Avalos, for the group stage of the tournament because he will be with Mexico’s U16s in a tournament in Spain. I hope people get to watch KK Spivey in the knockout phase of the tournament because he is one of the most talented youngsters in the country. 

Columbus Crew U15s

The Crew is a team that is catching form at the right time. They have not lost a match in 2024 and have been dismantling teams in the midwest. They are another team with talent all over the pitch. Jamil Danjiji, a 2010 attacker is another player to watch if you get the chance. 

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