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U15 Concacaf Championship Roster Analysis

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August 2023
The United States under 15 team will participate in the annual Concacaf U15 Championships hosted by the Dominican Republic. The United States kick-off on August 6th against Qatar at 5pm PST. Their second group stage match is on August 7th against Cuba at 3pm PST. The final game is on August 8th against Haiti at 5pm PST. All games should be broadcasted on Concacaf GO.

The U15 team will be led by coach Tom Heinemann. Coach Heinemann has selected his final 18 players, cutting down from 23 who were in the pre-camp for this tournament. It has been confirmed that this tournament is in fact a provisionally cap-tying tournament, which it has not been in the past. There are kids as young as 13 playing in this tournament and to ask them to make a decision this big at this age is pretty crazy and I don't like it. It could be why a lot of players are not going to play in the tournament because they don't want to have to make a decision right now.
Ramiz Hamouda in a USA training outfit
Ramiz Hamouda, USYNT left-footed center-back from Sporting Kansas City's Academy

USYNT U15 Roster analysis

Before we get into the top players from the 2008 class that I believe could have raised the performance level of the group, it's important to understand that there are many reasons why players could not be on the roster. All academy players are currently in their offseason and just beginning to start their preseason. Many academies are playing friendlies across the world and it is possible that players have elected to prioritize their club play. It's also possible that players are injured and not fit to participate. With all that being said, here are the top players that are not with the team.



William Mackay, Real Salt Lake
Owen Pratt, LA Galaxy

Top options not on the roster

Aidan Stokes, New York Red Bulls
Jack Kortkamp, Sporting Kansas City

The goalkeeper group is one of the more surprising of all the position groups. Stokes is widely considered the top GK prospect in the 2008 age group and Kortkamp is rated at a similar level. Kortkamp has just returned from injury which is likely why he isn't here.

Mackay is a very solid prospect and RSL is notorious for developing keepers. Pratt is a physically impressive player that had a chance to train with the U.S. Men's National Team during the January camp in Los Angeles.



LB, Pedro Guimaraes, LAFC
LB, Miguel Alvarado, Colorado Rapids
RB, Gio Villa, Real Salt Lake

Top options not on the roster

LB, Linkon Ream, Real Salt Lake (2009)
LB, Jordan Griffin, Philadelphia Union
RB, Oliver Tan, San Jose Earthquakes
RB, Krus Held, Chicago Fire

I believe that the best 2008 born left and right-backs are here in Guimaraes and Villa. It is great to see Villa here because it was believed that he was planning to play for Mexico, but they got a new U15 coach and he was not selected, from what I was told. Villa and Guimaraes give the group two very good players in position that will be important to the United States' build up play.

I rate others over Alvarado, but he seems to be a favorite of the manager's. It's interesting that Heinemann went with two left-footed full-backs and one right-footed full-back. Usually you flip that and bring a right-back who has experience playing left-back. We will see if that becomes a problem throughout the tournament.



LCB, Ramiz Hamouda, Sporting Kansas City
RCB, Adrian Sanders, LAFC
RCB, Sebastian Chavez, NYCFC

Top options not on the roster

RCB, Kevin Jimenez, San Jose Earthquakes
RCB, Christopher Cupps, Chicago Fire
RCB, Camron Estala, Real Salt Lake
LCB, Jaydus Camacho, Charlotte FC
LCB, Gavin Wolff, Austin FC
LCB, Zach Molomo, FC Dallas

This group is led by an elite left-footed center-back prospect: Ramiz Hamouda. He will be the player to watch from the backline. In my latest top 50 United States prospect rankings I had Hamouda at number eight and he has the potential to climb that list.

Sanders is new to the U15 National Team and will bring composure, instincts and good ball playing ability. I like his profile, but rate others a little higher. I was excited to Estala on the pre-camp roster and was hoping he would make the final roster.

Chavez has been with this group consistently and while I rate other RCBs higher, he is a solid CB prospect. I think that the federation is sleeping on Kevin Jimenez from San Jose. The Mexican federation is also sleeping on him as he is eligible for Mexico, but has not been selected.

Cupps played for Chicago's U17s last year and impressed and the trio of Camacho, Wolff and Molomo are all good ball playing CBs. Camacho and Molomo have elite physical profiles and have high ceilings. Wolff might not be fit and that is the likely reason he is not here. He has been a consistent selection for this group.



DM, Jude Terry, LAFC
DM, Peter Doran, Philadelphia Union
CM, Cavan Sullivan, Philadelphia Union (2009)
CM, Luca Moisa, Real Salt Lake
AM, Isaac Tortola, Columbus Crew

Top options not on the roster

DM, Decarlo Guerra, LAFC
DM/CB, Isaiah Kaakoush, Barca AZ
DM, Adri Mehmeti, RBNY
CM, Gil de Souza, RBNY
DM, Dylan Judelson, Orlando City
CM, Gustavo Perrelli Borges, Achilles (2009)
AM, Maximo Carrizo, NYCFC

Decarlo Guerra is probably the most surprising omission from the group. He is one of my top rated 2008 players and is already on a professional contract with LAFC. I heard that his performances in Spain during this team's last camp were very uninspiring, so this may be a message from U.S. Soccer that they need to see more from him. I haven't heard whether Guerra will represent Guetamala at this tournament instead. If he does, I imagine he will have a chip on his shoulder, rightfully.

The group that was selected is led by elite prospect and 2009 born player, Cavan Sullivan. Sullivan is number one on my latest top 50 United States prospect rankings. Sullivan will be the player to watch at this tournament. Terry is a top 50 prospect as well and just behind Guerra as the top defensive mid in this age group. Doran provides positional flexibility as an eight or a six. Moisa provides playmaking and chance creation.

Isaac Tortola is new to the group and will be a fun player to watch. Tortola is as technical and creative as any midfielder in this age group. He has lightning quick feet and great close control.

There is a ton of talent outside of Guerra that are not on this roster. Kaakoush has primarily played CB in his young career, but I think his future is in the midfield. de Souza is a player that continually gets overlooked by U.S. Soccer, not sure why. Judelson would have been an upgrade over some of the players selected and instead is playing for Canada. His dad told me this was possible as they were continuing to wait for U.S. Soccer to make the call — it appears they still have not. Mehmeti and Perrelli Borges are the top 2009 midfielders and also could have improved the group.

Terry and Sullivan are the headliners and will be super fun to watch.



Julian Hall, RBNY
Omar Marquez, Real Salt Lake
Jamir Johnson, Philadelphia Union

Top options not on the roster

Nimfasha Berchimas, Charlotte FC
Jack Mize, Borussia Dortmund
Cristiano Santos Oliviera, New England Revolution
Lorenzo Oertili, Barcelona
Viggo Ortiz, Austin FC
Austyn Jones, PSV
Jakob Garcia, Orlando City (2009)

Winger is an incredibly strong position for this age group and the final decision was always going to be tough. Julian Hall is one of the most dynamic players in the 2008 U.S. player pool and should be a force in this tournament. Marquez has a great right-foot, passing vision and range and a nose for goals. Johnson provides pace and great service in from the right wing.

Santos Oliviera (who I believe is the player that has gone by Cristiano Carlos) not making the final roster is a big disappointment for me. He is one of the most creative and technical attackers you will find in MLS Next and he can play on the wing and as a striker. I think that ability would have been very useful in this tournament.

Berchimas is the best winger in the 2008 class and he is not here because he has been promoted to the U16 team and may even have a chance to make the U17 World Cup roster — he is a big time prospect.

This team does not feature any players outside of the United States and Jack Mize and Lorenzo Oertili are two of the best United States eligible players that play in Europe from this age group. Mize is a versatile, technical and dangerous attacker that can play a bunch of different attacking positions. USSF have not been in contact with Mize which is a huge miss.

Oertili is a very skilled left-footed player that can play on the wing or as a full-back. He recently joined Barcelona's famous academy. He has been with this group before, but it's possible that the United Stated elected not to bring European players over or they were not released by their clubs as the 2023/2024 season gets underway.

Ortiz was not selected by the United States, but was selected by Mexico. He will be a player to track during this tournament and we could see him play the United States in the knockout portion of the tournament.



Tanner Rosborough, RBNY
Chase Adams, Columbus Crew

Top options not on the roster

Anisse Saidi, Philadelphia Union
Zidane Yanez, NYCFC
Peyton Pressor, Philadelphia Union
Bobby Jacobs, Strikers FC
Marius Aiyenero, Torcy

The center-forward position is where I have some of the biggest questions. Saidi along with Decarlo Guerra are two of the biggest omissions from this group and I wonder if there is an availability reason why he isn't here. He is the top number nine in this age group and he had a fantastic year for Philadelphia Union U15s.

Yanez is the second best U.S. eligible striker in my opinion. Pressor and Jacobs are also players I rate higher than the two that were selected. Aiyenero is another European based player that has been with this group in every camp up until this point — another indication that European based players were not up for selection.

Rosborough had a great year for the Red Bulls, but I worry about his technical refinement and wonder if he is more of a system standout for RBNY. Adams is another surprise pick. He is a well rounded CF with good hold up play and connection play.

Roster grade: B-

Overall this is a very strong group that should be the favorite to win the tournament alongside Mexico, but I question some of the roster construction decisions and there are some really good players that are not with the team. That is going to happen a lot at the U15 age levels because there is so much development left and the majority of the players are all still playing at the same level with their clubs.

I have not been super impressed with coach Heinemann from a talent identification and coaching philosophy, so I am interested to see how he manages the group in a rapid tournament like this.

The expectation for this group is to make it to the final and win, but remember that this is the youngest age group within the USYNT setup and kids can have off days more commonly than older players, so you never know what could happen.

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