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U17 September Camp Roster Analysis

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September 2023
The United States U17 team will compete in the Vaclav Jezek Cup in Czech Republic from September 6th to the 10th. This will be their second to last tune up before the U17 World Cup which takes place in Indonesia from November 10th to December 2nd. The U17s plan to have one more set of friendlies in Brazil in October before finalizing the squad.

Head coach Gonzalo Segares has called 20 players into this camp with a few new faces at this level. The boys will take on Ukraine on September 6th, Switzerland on September 8th and Czech Republic on September 10th. I believe that the other countries will be bringing U18 teams, so our boys will be playing an age level up as they prepare for the U17 World Cup.
Nimfasha Berchimas, winger from Charlotte FC born in 2008

USYNT U17 Roster analysis

As I always caveat, there are many reasons why players do not get called into or attend Youth National Team camps. European academies have just started their seasons, so many European based players may not get released. Some players in the United States are playing professionally and may elect to stay with their clubs. And some players might be carrying a knock or may not be fully fit. WIth that being said, here is a look at the top players that are not eligible and position by position roster breakdown.

Top U.S. passport holding players that are not eligible

WING, Olger Escobar, New England Revolution (Guetamala)
WING, Fidel Barajas, Charleston Battery (Mexico)
WING, Cole Campbell, Borussia Dortmund (Iceland)
RB, Malachi Molina, FC Dallas (Jamaica)
CF, Bryan Destin, Inter Miami (Haiti)



Adam Beaudry, Colorado Rapids (2006)
Zack Campagnolo, Colorado Rapids (2007)

Top options not on the roster

Diego Kochen, FC Barcelona
Julian Eyestone, Duke University
Duran Ferree, San Diego Loyal

From what I have been told Diego Kochen, who is consistently making first team matchday squads for Barcelona, was not released for this camp. He is the clear number one choice for this group when available. My second choice keeper is Julian Eyestone, formerly of FC Dallas' Academy and now an early enrollee at Duke University where has already earned the starting job. Ferree was on the Concacaf U17 roster, but was not selected to this camp.

The two selected keepers are both from the Colorado Rapids Academy. Beaudry was one of two keepers on the Concacaf roster and Campagnolo recently moved to Colorado from Orlando City's Academy. Campagnolo has been a preferred choice for the U16 USYNT and now gets a chance with the U17s.



RB, Oscar Verhoeven, San Jose Earthquakes (2006)
RB, Aiden Harangi, Eintracht Frankfurt (2006)
LB, Peyton Miller, New England Revolution (2007)

Top options not on the roster

RB, Shakir Nixon, LAFC (2006)
LB, Christian McFarlane, NYCFC(2007)
LB, Tahir Reid-Brown, Orlando City (2006)

I have no complaints with the full-back selections and very excited to see Peyton Miller once again called up to the U17s. He has arguably been the most impressive academy player in MLS Next Pro this season and provides a big upgrade to the left-back position compared to what Segares selected at the Concacaf tournament. Verhoeven is the best U17 right-back in my opinion and Harangi is a good player that provides positional versatility.



Tyler Hall, Inter Miami (2006)
Stuart Hawkins, Seattle Sounders (2006)
Noahkai Banks, FC Augsburg (2006)

Top options not on the roster

Matai Akinmboni, D.C. United (2006)
Adrian Pelayo, Portland Timbers (2006)
Tyler Meiser, Borussia Dortmund (2007)

There are not a ton of surprises at the center-back position. Hawkins and Hall have been the favorites since the first camp this group got together. Banks is getting the next chance to solidify the CB3 role. He was an alternate at the Concacaf tournament and seems to have moved up a spot in the depth chart. I am very excited to watch him play because I have not yet had the opportunity to scout him.

Akinmboni is my top 2006 center-back, but he is still coming back from an injury and is not fully fit. Pelayo is a great passer from the back and has been in some recent camps. Meiser is a top prospect, but fully committed to Germany at this time.



DM, Pedro Soma, UE Cornella (2006)
DM, Edwyn Mendoza, San Jose Earthquakes (2006)
CM, Taha Habroune, Columbus Crew (2006)
CM, Matthew Evans, LAFC (2006)
AM, Cruz Medina, San Jose Earthquakes (2006)
AM, Micah Burton, Austin FC (2006)
AM, Paulo Rudisill, Feyenoord/LA Galaxy? (2006)

Top options not on the roster

DM, Matthew Corcoran, Birmingham Legion (2006)
CM, Christopher Olney, Philadelphia Union (2006)
CM, Cole Mrowka, Columbus Crew (2006)
CM, Bento Estrela, RBNY (2006)
CM, Jude Wellings, RSL (2006)
CM, Adrian Gill (2006)
AM, Aaron Heard, St. Louis City (2006)
AM, Axel Perez, Lyon (2007)

This is one of the position groups where I don't see eye to eye with Segares. There are two players in particular that I believe would raise the ceiling of this group: Matthew Corcoran and Christopher Olney. Corcoran has not yet attended a U17 camp therefore there must be more to the story, because he is one of the top 2006 players and is starting regularly in USL, playing at a much higher level than almost everyone on this team.

Olney has been a standout for Union II in MLS Next Pro, recording four goals and eight assists in over 1,500 minutes. He has been spectacular and should be a starter for this group. I have no idea why he is not on this roster.

Matthew Evans is a newcomer to the group. He has played for Guatemala to date and is now invited to play with the United States. He has over 400 minutes in Next Pro and one goal to his name.

Gill and Perez were likely not released. Soma was my MVP for the Concacaf tournament and is the top player on this roster. Habroune, Medina, Burton and Rudisill return from the Concacaf Championships.



David Vazquez, Philadelphia Union (2006)
Bryce Jamison, Orange County SC (2006)
Brian Romero, Charlotte FC (2006)
Nimfasha Berchimas, Charlotte FC (2008)

Top options not on the roster

Miles Perkovich, Inter Miami (2006)
Zavier Gozo, RSL (2007)
Montrell Culbreath, Bayer Leverkusen (2007)

Winger was a position group that really struggled at the Concacaf Championships and it appears that Segares agrees. In that tournament they played a lot of attacking-midfielders at wing and it didn't work that well. The group lacked one on one ability and pace. Bryce Jamison and Nimfasha Berchimas are brought in to change that. Jamison has electric pace and a great motor. Berchimas is the only 2008 born player is one of the top tier prospects in the USYNT pool. He is a great one on one player with advanced physical tools. Vazquez was the most effective winger from the Concacaf Championship and he has also been playing in MLS Next Pro. Romero returns as well though I think he has struggled as of late. I probably would have made one change to the group, but overall there isn't much to complain about.



Ruben Ramos Jr, LA Galaxy

Top options not on the roster

Keyrol Figueroa, Liverpool
Adem Sipic, Nashville SC
Caden Glover, St. Louis City
Zeke Soto, Houston Dynamo
Axel Kei, RSL

This one is a little bit of a head scratcher for me. Figueroa is the clear top choice, but he is currently injured. Soto has been the number two and it may be that he is also not available. Ramos has been a consistent U16 pick and he gets promoted for this camp. He is kind of a second-striker type and throttles between striker and winger for LA Galaxy. He could struggle in this camp. He isn't my top choice from the 2007 group.

That would be either Caden Glover or Axel Kei, who I am not 100% sure is U.S. eligible yet. Sipic is my second best eligible number nine from the 2006 age group and I would have preferred to see him get a chance in this camp.

Roster grade: C+

There are a good amount of decisions that I don't necessarily agree with, but there are also some selections I am really excited about. I am looking forward to seeing Banks, Miller, Jamison and Berchimas with this group and I think they can be upgrades over other players we have seen in the past. I am concerned about the ball winning ability in the midfield and the lack of a true striker in the squad. This group could struggle a bit as they play more mature players, but it will be a good test ahead of the World Cup.

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